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Attractions in Santa Barbara

Arroyo Burro County Beach Park
Arroyo Burro County Beach Park is a beautiful stretch of sand, surf, and parkland perfect for outdoor play. Relax and collect seashells, or spend the day whale spotting and bird watching. There are paths for jogging and trails for horseback riding. Favorite sports are surfing, swimming and just catching a tan. Known locally as Hendry's Beach, this spot is perfect for seaside picnics. Grills and tables invite the family for cookouts, and even the dogs have their own off-leash area.

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum
The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum boasts a vast collection of seaworthy artifacts and exhibits. Located on the harbor, this exceptional museum makes education an adventure. The Tall Ship tours are exciting excursions into the area's historic seafaring days. The Boat Model Gallery traces the development of sea travel over the centuries, and the Munger Theater takes visitors around the Horn and beneath the sea. Even the littlest sailors will find their sea legs at the Gail Berkus Children's Gallery.

Stearns Wharf
Stearns Wharf stretches out into the Pacific Ocean with speciality shops, casual restaurants, and its very own aquarium. Visitors can browse through ocean treasures, snack on handmade candy, or just buy some new shades. Dining choices include crab cakes, lobster bisque, and the freshest catch of the day. If family plans include fishing, it's all here from bait and tackle to outdoor wear. This is the perfect spot to take those memorable pictures, so don't forget the camera.

Carriage and Western Art Museum
The Carriage and Western Art Museum transports visitors back to the days of saddles and stagecoaches. Stroll down the wooden sidewalks of Stagecoach Junction past general stores and cantinas. This is an adventure for cowpokes of all ages and a great education too. Covering transportation from horseback to the horseless carriage, this western-themed museum is home to unique dioramas and historic photographs. Don't miss the Tecolote Tack Room and saddles that once belonged to Will Rogers, Jimmy Stewart, and the Cisco Kid.

Santa Barbara Zoo
The Santa Barbara Zoo introduces visitors to 160 species of insects, reptiles, birds and mammals, all right at home in a natural setting. The magnificent California condors are local favorites, and the Chilean flamingos have their own fan following. Lions, elephants, and gorillas fascinate and educate, and the Humbolt penguins make everyone smile. The zoo is proud of its successful conservation projects, showcasing these accomplishments at the Discovery Pavillion. Emmett the Zoo Train is always ready to shuttle the family off to the next adventure.

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